Ep 48 | LinkedIn for Personal Branding with Sandra Long on on Growth Success Radio Podcast

A year ago we had Sandra Long on to talk about the importance of LinkedIn Groups. Since then she has written a book titled “LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide”. We thought it only appropriate that we had her back on to discuss Linked and her new book.

Sandra analyzed our LinkedIn profiles live on the show and gave us some awesome pointers. We talked about the different opportunities that people and businesses have within LinkedIn to grow their brand and audience, and there is a lot of ways to do just that.

Key takeaways from the LinkedIn Analysis of our profiles:

  • Decide first what makes us unique from a professional and personal perspective. Many people just dive into editing, but you want to start by thinking through your personal brand. Sandra’s book goes into depth about personal branding on LinkedIn.
  • Demonstrate your brand by using the special sections of the LinkedIn profile – such as projects, volunteering, organizations, language, etc. In the case of Scott and Eugene, incorporate speaking engagements and podcasting to demonstrate thought leadership as an element of personal brand.
  • Have a great headshot photo on your LinkedIn profile if you want to be taken seriously by other LinkedIn users, potential clients and employers.
  • Use keywords naturally throughout your profile to help you be found via LinkedIn search. Select keywords that are an accurate reflection of your work and skills. Also consider adding them at the bottom of your summary section along with contact information. Use the beginning of your LinkedIn summary to tell your story in first person.
  • Make your summary compelling and interesting to your reader. Sandra has a full chapter in her book which shares real examples, personas, and prompts for LinkedIn summaries.

Listen to the show and let us know if there are any tweaks you will be making to your LinkedIn profile.


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Ep 48